"Trans-free" company is the official and legitimate carrier from Vnukovo airport. We provide transportation services since 2002.

About the service

Based on our own experience, we have developed and implemented a number of services designed to ensure your maximum comfort. Among it there is the opportunity to place an order directly on the website - a simple and convenient way to book a taxi from the Vnukovo airport in advance from anywhere in the world (if you have an Internet access), and leave directly after the flight without waiting for too long. You can order a taxi from Moscow to Vnukovo the same way. For those who do not have access to the Internet or who is more used to placing orders by phone, we have our 24/7 dispatch service accepting orders at any time of the day and night. 

About staff and cars

We have a special approach to the formation of our staff of drivers and fleet equipment, so that the trip to/from the airport is as comfortable for you, as possible. The length of the employment period of each employee, conducting passenger carriage, is not less than 5 years. In addition to this, drivers from the "Trans-free" company possess an excellent knowledge of the map of Moscow, competence and tact.

All our vehicles in our car fleet are of "wagon" type (with a large luggage compartment, convenient for transportation of not only bags, but also impressive suitcases). Upon your request, the taxi may be equipped with a child seat.

Not a necessary, but a pleasant feature.

And, finally, about the prices

In contrast to the "floating" pricing of private taxis, our prices are fixed! This means that the cost does not depend on the time of the trip and will not change in the case of delay of your flight, long queues at the check-in desk or unexpectedly long waiting for your luggage. 


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Inexpensive, without surprises and with comfort!